Magtor Brokentooth


Magtor’s crunch is identical to the basic Goblin Hexer in the D&D 4E Monster Manual.


Magtor grew up as a simple goblin in the ruins of Northshore Keep in northern Telora. He was the son of another simple goblin warrior, but he desired to become more than just goblin fodder. Magtor decided to take up the shamanistic arts of his people, becoming a hexer. In the Brokentooth tribe, hexers were regarded as revered leaders, whose word was law. He was an important advisor to Grimbul, the caln’ sprevious leader. As Grimbul lay n his deathbed, he appointed Magtor the new chiftain of the Brokentooth clan. Magtor immediately assumed power and took the clan name as is own surname. He led the clan well for four years until he was slain by a party of adventuring heroes on the night of October 22, 421 T.R.

Magtor Brokentooth

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