King Brant Elon

Ruler of the mighty kingdom of Telora.


Brant Elon was born to the previous king and queen of Telora, Edanus and Fetheril Elon in 367 T.R. As the firstborn son and future heir to the throne, he was always heavily guarded, even in these times of peace. Brant was educated privately by the Royal Wizard Keloran, and thus did not have an opportunity to make many friends. Those he did befriend were loyal, and would stand by him all throughout his life.

One such friend was Helena Thibolt, daughter of a well respected noble family. She and Brant met at age fifteen, and have been inseparable ever since. They have been married for twenty-six years.

When Brant assumed the crown after his father’s death in 404 T.R., he was thirty-seven years old. It is agreed by many that he is a wiser ruler because he began his reign at a later age. He already had a great deal of court experience when accompanying his father, King Edanus, on diplomatic missions and at noble receptions in the royal palace before his death. Brant was also made Lord of a minor town on the outskirts of the city as a way to give him some experience in ruling and managing people. Thus, the people of Telora felt very safe with King Brant on the throne.

Currently, Brant is preparing for his own passing. Hs two sons, Marcus and Bernard, have received similar training in the ways of kingship. He is getting old, at the age of fifty-four, and he has set in motion plans to ensure the safety and peace of his kingdom. One thing worries him, however. Over the past ten years, Brant has noticed that Marcus, heir to the throne, is becoming overambitious and greedy. He hopes to resolve this issue before his death for if not, he feels, the integrity of Telora and peace of the world may be at stake.

King Brant Elon

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