Baron Lars "the Mauler" von Ulm

Lars has been Baron of the Icy Shores for the past 10 years. He is known to have a short temper, but is otherwise a generous man.


Lars von Ulm was born in the year 384 T.R. (Telora Reckoning) to Lord Erik and Dame Aelthia von Ulm, in the large town of Selker. He was always a kind child, but when angered or annoyed he showed a very short temper. He was quick to begin fights with those who frustrated him. He exhibited a knack for weapons handling from a very young age and enlisted in the Teloran army as a squire under Sir Alfred of Kellen at twelve years old. Throughout his squireship, Lars saw much battle during one of the few conflicts since the Dragon Wars, but usually hung back at camp keeping watch over his master's belongings and preparing for his return. He survived a half dozen battles this way, until the Battle of Crag Pass. The Teloran army had been ambushed outside a moountain pass leading to the rebel province of Oreth's Steppe. While the army made camp, a rebel strike force attacked. This forced Lars into combat. He fought valiantly alongside Sir Alfred and slew many enemy soldiers. After an hour of fighting, the Telorans were able to beat back the rebels into the pass, where their lookout archers were able to greatly diminish their numbers. Lars was twenty-two at the time.

For his bravery at Crag Pass, Lars was awarded knighthood by Sir Alfred. Now on his own, Lars travelled the kingdom with his trusty maul (earning him his nickname, The Mauler) for five years, helping the peasants and serfs with their everyday troubles. While journeying through the Barony of Icy Shores on the north coast of Telora, Sir Lars encountered a mighty and fearsome beast that had been terrorizing the barony's people for years. Never one to succumb to fear, and thriving on the hopes and desperation of the people, Sir Lars valiantly confronted and slew the creature. He heroically carried its grotesque, goat-like head into the Barony's capital of Bellford and presented it to the Lord of the town. A great feast was had for the hero and the Lord sent word back to King Brant in the south. Two weeks later, Sir Lars was appointed to fill the vacant postition of Baron of Icy Shores. Baron Lars von Ulm has ruled well for the past ten years.

Baron Lars "the Mauler" von Ulm

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